Join Hundreds of people who are looking to Avoid, Beat and Consistently stay in remission.

Cancer Survival Bootcamp

11th and 12th of November

We have brought together Cancer and Chronic Disease experts from around the world to share their knowledge of proven Cancer survival Therapies.

Cancer Survivors Bootcamp

A 2 days Online event to educate you on everything to do with Avoiding and Beating Advance stage cancer.

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Take matters into your own hands and learn all you can to avoid, beat and stay alive. Mainstream cancer treatments alone are not always enough. By educating yourself and exploring additional options, you can support your traditional treatment with Integrative therapies or avoid cancer altogether. The lifestyle interventions you undertake through knowledge can greatly impact your future.

Attend this event and save hours of scrambling through YouTube and Google, trying to find information such as:

  1. The best treatment options
  2. What to eat and what not to eat
  3. What supplements to take
  4. Exercise and stress management
  5. How to Detox
  6. How to Boost your immunity
  7. Survival stories from others who have beaten cancer.

Our Speakers

Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum MD

Highly skilled and experienced medical professional in the field of integrative oncology.
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Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi

Highly skilled Functional Medicine clinical Oncologist, international Speaker.
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Patricia Daly

Highly knowledgeable and respected figure in the field of nutrition, particularly in relation.
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Dr Chris Duhon

Clear mind integrative Health, USA. Change Your Brain, Change your Health.
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Ticket purchase options

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  • Tickets are priced at £100 in Europe/USA and N100,000 in Africa
  • Tickets gives you full access to the 2 days live online course.

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Saturday 11th, November

Timi Anibaba

10:00 AM -10:30 AM

Opening and welcome by founder and CEO of Mr Timi will talk about his cancer journey and the drive to set up Mr Keto and the cancer survivors bootcamp.

Dr Wafaa

10.30 AM -12:00 PM

Dr Wafaa will introduce herself, her journey and the aware clinic. Dr Wafaa will cover strategies to avoid cancer and if you have cancer how to change your life in order to beat it and stay in remission for good.

Break Time

12.00 PM – 01:00 PM

Dr Chris Duhan

1:00 PM – 2.30 PM

Dr Chris Duhan will introduce himself, his journey and Treating patients with tureen 10 and what it is all about.

Break Time

02.30 PM – 03:00 PM

Dr Slocum

3:00PM – 4:30PM

Dr Slocum will educate us on Metabolic therapy what the treatment consists of and how it differs from traditional treatment of cancer and what makes it work when tradition cancer treatment fails.

4:30pm End of the day.

Sunday 12th, November

Patricia Dayle

10:00AM – 11:30AM

Patricia will educate us on the connection between Keto Diet and metabolic therapy. Why is it important to follow the diet for a more effective treatment and avoidance.

Break Time

11:30AM – 12:00PM

Patricia Dayle

1:30PM – 2:00PM

Patricia will cover the keto kitchen, what to eat and what not to eat, including using the keto apps to manage your micronutrient. Patricia will also talk about her 16 weeks recovery programme, a road map to beat cancer.

Break Time

1:00 PM -1:30 PM


2:00 PM -3:30 PM

Interviews with cancer survivors.

Frequently Asked questions

  • What happens when you buy a ticket?
  • Can I share my access link with a friend?
  • Can I ask questions during the training?
  • Will the event be recorded for distribution after?
What happens when you buy a ticket?

Upon payment, a receipt will be sent to your email with an access link.

Can I share my access link with a friend?

Access to the link is limited to ticket holder’s only and cannot be shared.

Can I ask questions during the training?

There will be opportunities to ask questions at the end of each class.

Will the event be recorded for distribution after?

The event will not be recorded but will be repeated every 3 months